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Pamela Gallagher, MD FACS

"For more than 35 years in the medical field as a board certified Plastic Surgeon, I have evolved into an Integrative Plastic Surgeon.

Through my association and care of my friends and family members I was introduced to integrative medical concepts. Subsequent collaboration with Dr.Blanche on patients with complex health issues lead to my review of integrative medical literature and the introduction into my practice of treatments designed to help the body heal in gentle and more natural ways. My own personal healings through her care have cemented a mutual friendship and respect for integrative concepts.

One example of how I've been able to combine both plastic and integrative medical practices is by incorporating the use of probiotics to help protect and support the microbiome health of my patients prior to and after surgery, especially if the use of antibiotics are a necessary part of their care. I've suggested the use of Arnica and Bromelain, as well as other herbal remedies to my patients to increase healing speed and reduce inflammation and swelling. 

To help prepare patients for surgery, my team and I speak to them in depth about proper eating modifications which have been known to help reduce inflammation. These adjustments also promote weight loss to ensure that their final surgical result is the best it possibly can be. 

The addition of these care initiatives have enhanced my practice and made the surgical experiences of my patients easier and more satisfactory."

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Cassandra Trimarco, RPA-C

"I began my career with Dr. Pamela Gallagher just after graduating PA school in 2005. About four years into my career, I met Dr. Kristine Blanche and her daughter. She shared she was also a PA at the time and told me all about Integrative Medicine. We immediately connected. From then on her and I became close through education and conferences focusing on Integrative Medicine. I was officially captivated by its philosophy and had a hunger to learn more. Since then, Dr. Gallagher and I have implemented many integrative principles into our surgical and cosmetic practice with substantial differences in patient outcomes and fewer post operative complications. Our patients are taught that anti-aging goes beyond injections and lasers, that recovering from a surgery and maintaining your results is influenced by how we eat, what we put into and on our bodies, and our mindset. Dr. Gallagher has taught me how to heal a patient from the outside in and Dr. Blanche has taught me how to heal a patient from the inside out. Now, I feel confident to be able to do both."


Stacey Avadine, RYT, Founder of S.H.I.N.E

Blending a passion for the therapeutic benefits & philosophical roots of Yoga, Mediation, Energy Healing & Holistic Skincare, Stacey Lynn Avidane brings almost 30 years to her Integrative Wellness Practice.

Stacey is always a student, a mentor, a Mother, daughter, sister, coach, dear friend... she will ignite a light wherever she goes, creating an opening for the heart to open.

In 2012, after teaching Yoga for young campers at Sunrise Day Camp, a Summer oasis for children with cancer, Stacey’s inspiration ignited the idea to create a Mindfulness program for inpatients at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, where she worked inpatient offering Reiki, Meditation & Relaxation Therapy.