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Founded in 2008 by Dr.Blanche, IHC is one of the most comprehensive holistic health centers on Long Island and Manhattan. Integrative Healing Center is a safe place where clients can come to be heard and to heal.

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Thermography Solutions provides patients a team of practitioners with extensive knowledge and care in the field of thermal imaging. Conveniently located in Long Island and Manhattan.

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10 week program designed to bring balance back into your life. Learn how to realistically incorporate lifestyle changes that will help prevent disease and achieve optimum health. 


Designed by Dr.Blanche these detox programs were created and perfected over 20 years. Over the course of 21 days, these programs are designed to rid your body of harmful toxins, helping you feel more vibrant and full of life. Patients often experience detox benefits such as weight loss, a boost in libido, increased energy and more.

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