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Thermography on News 12

Dr.Blanche explains what a Thermography is and how its used.

What is Thermography?

Dr. Blanche discusses her passion about breast screening & breast health. 

In the News & Client Testimonials

Why the Breast Prevention Research is so important!

Why Dr. Blanche spent 3 years researching Thermography for her PhD These and developed The Blanche's Breast Health Protocol.

News 12 - Why Thermography?

Client Testimonial

Why we do what we do!

Our Past Community Events

Thermography Event

Dr. Blanche discussing how valuable Thermography can be for prevention and her description of the Blanche Breast Protocol. 

Winter Wellness Lecture 2014

Dr. Blanche Discussing why is Integrative Medicine could be helpful for you & your family? 

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