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Wellness Warrior Program

Welcome to Kristine Blanche's Group Wellness Warrior Program.  Kristine Pride's herself on partnering with her patients to continue to advise and share evidence based information that is essential to their health and wellness. Join her for this 10 week life changing program.  Take Dr. Blanche home with you and become your personal Prevention Partner. 

Dr Kristine Blanche

Includes:   10 Hour Long Webinars

  • Gut Health

  • Brain Boot Camp

  • Food is Medicine

  • Healthy Habits

  • Clean Body & Home

  • Put out the Fire

  • Test don't Guess

  • Your data

  • Disease Prevention

  • Taking care of your tribe

Personal accountability coach

Wellness e-book

Personalized Nutritional Supplements recommendations

Add on: Individual comprehensive labs, celiac testing, MTHFR testing, food intolerance testing, & Individual Rotation Diet


Sign up here: LINK

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