Prevention Partnership Program

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Welcome to Kristine Blanche's Prevention Partnership Program.  Kristine Pride's herself on partnering with her patients to continue to advise and share information that is essential to their health and wellness. Join her for this intense 4 month program where she will hold your hand and help guide you on your path to health optimization. 

  • 1year annual concierge wellness partnership

  • 16 Q&A sessions

  • Personal accountability coach

  • Wellness e-book

  • Personalized Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

  • Individual Rotation Diet

  • 4 individual consultations and lab reviews

  • Emergency access and advocate in case of hospitalization

  • Your person health advocate that will blow you away with her passion & knowledge

  • Family plans available

See if you are a good fit for this program: Text the patient care coordinator here. (516)346-5490