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Girlfriend Cleanse

I’ve lost 17 inches…

“What can I say. The proof is in the mirror. The Girlfriend 21 Day Cleanse was the best health investment I’ve ever made.

My weight is down. My energy is up. MEN NOTICE ME!

And I love, LOVE my girl- friends on the forum. They kept me centered as I took the leap of faith and got off sugar, junk food, unhealthy partying.

I look and feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life!"
—Christine, Port Washington, NY

I’m glowing…

“I’d tried diets, fitness clubs and nothing seemed to work. Worst of all, I looked pregnant even though I’ve never been a mother. And looking that way I had no hope of ever being a mom.

I’m so glad I took the plunge and adhered to this program. I’ve lost 23 pounds and my body fat went way down too.

I’ve learned to eat healthy, even when I don’t have time. And I no longer those fatty foods that made me so unac- tractive. My favorite is the green smoothies and believe it or not, I have a blender IN MY CAR that plugs into utility strip I got at the office supply store. Now anytime I feel like I’m go- ing in the wrong direction I go to the grocery and then blend my smoothie right in the park- ing lot. Really!

I’m glowing all the time now and I won’t let anything take that away from me.”
—Melissa, Hamden, NJ

Finally threw away my blood pressure pills!

"Because of my weight gain after having 2 children, my doctor put me on blood pressure medication.

After two weeks my blood pressure went down and as I continued to practice everything I learned, my blood pressure remained normal and I finally threw away my blood pressure pills for good."
— Freda, Sands Point, NY

Overcame my emotional eating

"Comfort foods ruled my life, and at the end of the day made me anything but comfortable because my clothes fit so snug.

soon as I started this program, I saw immediate results. The pounds seemed to melt away overnight. I’m able to take long walks. And I can’t even remember my complexion being so clear.

I had fun learning what I needed to know to overcome my emotional eating. It’s a new day for me, every day.”
— Gina, Massapequa, NY

My experience with the Girlfriend Cleanse

"I just finished Dr. Blanche’s Girlfriend Cleanse and I feel great! I was diagnosed with hashimotos a year ago and tend to have some stomach issues. Well... all of those stomach issues disappeared on the cleanse!! Since the Girlfriend Cleanse my gut has shrunk so much, I had tons of energy, and I just felt great overall. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the slides and thought I wouldn’t get through all the information provided but I fit it all in throughout my day and am so happy I did. I watched the videos on walks, listened on the way home from work, and runs with my dog. I feel so much more educated on how to live the healthier life style. The videos truly motivated me to be as health conscious as I can be. I have gotten into the routine of green smoothies every morning and look forward to them. Who knew green smoothies could be so tasty! Now that I am off the cleanse, I miss it! I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you to Dr. Blanche and her team! "
—Gina Gianfagna, 30 years old

In three weeks, I lost 11 pounds

"My face cleared up, my eyes shine, my hair is bouncier and I never get the 4pm crash feeling anymore!"
—Jackie, Huntington, NY

I Didn’t Know Cooking Healthy Could Be So Much Fun…

“I’ve heard about cleansing, but was afraid of all the web- sites offering pills and shakes. Your program taught me how to have fun making smoothies and yummy treats. My kids love it too.

The forum kept me ‘on point’, even though I wanted to sneak a chocolate shake on the third day.

I lost 13 pounds and this spring I didn’t have the allergic reactions I’ve suffered with my entire life.”
—Rachael, Bayside, NY

My face and skin are the clearest EVER!

“Thank you for this awesome program. I joined to lose weight (don’t we all). And was pleasantly surprised that I can now go without makeup and my skin is clear and smooth.

Best of all, I now have the knowledge and power to selectively consume what is good for me and avoid toxic overload.”
— Melissa, Brookville, NY

My friends can’t believe it!

"I lost 9 pounds, my acne is gone and my skin is as smooth as a baby. My friends can’t believe it.

My energy is through the roof. I’m going canoeing for vacation!”
— Denise, Plainview, NY

Dropped dress sizes

“The Girlfriend 21 Day Cleanse gave me a new life. I always knew I could manage my life better and this helped me to finally change the habits that have always held me back.

The support from the others in the program was amazing and helped me to stay focused and make it all the way.

Kristine is the best teacher. She makes it easy to learn, ask questions and move onward and upward.

Best of all, I’ve dropped dress sizes and I feel great.

I’d recommend this program to anyone wanting better health and life.”
— Tara, Great Neck, NY

This Changed My Life!

“By the time I reached my forties, I was spending most of my time on the couch, eating and drinking so called ‘comfort foods.’ Every challenge or problem in life, I handled with more and more of a toxic, sed- entary lifestyle.

Through friends, I head about the Girlfriend Cleanse. I felt I needed to try something to give me immediate results because years of yo-yo dieting had only spiraled my life out of control to the point I was ashamed to even show up for work, much less social events.

For my 44th birthday, I gave myself the Girlfriend Cleanse and started it deter- mined to reboot my life before it was too late.

In the first week, I LOST 9 POUNDS. By the second week I was waking up earlier and more refreshed than I can ever remember. I now have more energy and now get up early enough to take a long leisurely walk before breakfast.

The next time I visited the doctor for a routine checkup, my blood pressure was back to normal, as my doctor had been pushing me to start medication to control it.

This program made me a win- ner. This changed my life!"
—Sam, Queens Village, NY

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