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Warning: The Worst Flu Season has arrived.

If you know me, you know how much I value the importance of Vitamin D!  Scientific literature proves it protects us from colds, the flu, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.  Over the last three years, I have been observing a downward trend in Vitamin D levels in my patients.  What is even more interesting is that this trend appears to not be linked to the amount of sun exposure. This goes against all we have been taught and seen in clinical practice. If you saw me as a patient 3+ years ago, you probably remember me supplementing you with 2000-3000IU of Vitamin D and telling you to get some sun in the summer and go south a few times a year. I began changing this advice three years ago when I notice Vitamin D blood levels dropping and the need for much higher levels of Vitamin D overall regardless of sun exposure. My patients are needing upwards of 7000-15000IU to get their blood levels up to the therapeutic range of Vitamin D 25 OH 80-100 ng/dl. The biggest question is: Why? Why am I seeing the lowest levels of Vitamin D in August after a very sunny summer. My theory is pollution.  The pollution on the East coast is changing the ozone layer, thus changing the ability of UV-B rays to penetrate our skin.  This is not just in the Tri-state area; I am seeing this in my patients all the way down to the Florida Keys! Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so it is important to continuously check your levels.  I check my patient’s levels at least two times per year. I know for a fact that this downward trend in Vitamin D levels is having a direct effect on the longer flu season and the more severe flu seasons.  So I strongly encourage my patients and their entire family to get your Vitamin D level checked and adjust the Vitamin D dosage accordingly!

Now what to do if the Flu comes to get you.....

My own son came home from college with the flu the day before Thanksgiving. Surprise surprise a 21 year old boy did not take his annoying Mom's advice and he woke up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with full-blown flu! Fever 102, body aches, headache, runny nose - the works. Within 12 hours, I treated him with a vitamin drip, liter of IV hydration, 25,000 vitamin D3 supplementation, elderberry, oscillococcinum, zinc nasal spray, rain drop treatment with essential oils and thieves throatspray. After one nights rest, he woke up ready for turkey Thanksgiving morning feeling 90% better! I doubled my family’s vitamin D dose for three days, and we were completely fine! My famous quote: "If your Vitamin D level is therapeutic, a flu patient could cough in your face and you should not get the flu!"  This was a prime example of this theory. Please get your Vitamin D levels checked. This is crucial piece of data  to determine your needed therapeutic Vitamin D dosage. Below you will find my instructions on what to do if flu symptoms happen. The sooner you treat your symptoms, the quicker you will heal! I have had over a dozen patients respond just like my son when treated within 24 hours of symptom onset. Vitamin drips will be available to non-medical patients this year because of the demand in resolving flu symptoms fast. Please share this information with your friends and family! Articles: Webb AR, Holick MF. The role of sunlight in the cutaneous production of vitamin D3. Annu Rev Nutr. 1988;8:375–399. doi: 10.1146/ Binkley N, Novotny R, Krueger D, Kawahara T, Daida YG, Lensmeyer G, Hollis BW, Drezner MK. Low vitamin D status despite abundant sun exposure. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007;92:2130–2135. doi: 10.1210/jc.2006-2250.

Flu Fighting Tips:

Prevention: Vitamin D 10,000 iu/day for adult, Kids based on age and weight.

Zinc 1/day

Elderberry- 1 tsp/day

Thieves oil 1-2 drops on bottom of feet. 1-2 drops in water gargle after brushing teeth.

Immunokinko 750mg 2/day Treatment if sick: Vitamin D 20,000 /day x 3 days

Elderbery 1 tsp 3x/day

Oscilloccinum - as directed on the package

Viracid - 1-2 capsules / hour 1st 6 hours the 2 caps/ day x 3 days

Thieves oil 1-2 drops on bottom of feet. 1-2 drops in water gargle 3-4 x / day

Immunokinko 750mg 2/pills 2x/ day

Acute care In office: Super Immune Drip

Hydration bolus

Rain Drop Treatment

"An once of prevention is with a pound of cure!"

Dr. Blanche - Your Partner In Prevention


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