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2020 can be your healthiest decade yet!


Health is the most valuable asset we have! Unfortunately, all too often it takes an illness or health scare to bring awareness to this fact. I have made it my personal passion to bring awareness of how valuable an asset your health is before you get sick. Prevention is my main objective. Over the years, a pattern has developed with patient families. The first family member will come to me for treatment for a diagnosed disease (Hashimoto's thyroiditis, lupus, cancer, etc.) and then eventually, the entire family will end up coming to me because there is a spreading awareness that staying healthy is important for everyone. My sickest patients will tell me that they were shocked that it was so easy to get better with some simple lifestyle changes: diet, exercise, nutritional support, and stress relief. I have become more passionate about prevention as my years of experience add up. I often hear, "It is too hard to be gluten free!" Ten years ago, I would smile and gently encourage and say it is your choice and I am here to support you. Today, I call B.S. on that phrase! My answer is that cancer is harder, autoimmune disease is harder... and it may sound harsh, but it’s true! It is NOT hard to eat healthy compared to how hard it is to be sick!

When I look back on my 14 years in this field, I know what has taught me the most is watching my patients heal with these simple tips. If YOU are looking to be your healthiest self this decade, I highly recommend implementing my eleven secrets for success in 2020:

1. Stay gluten and dairy free! These foods are simply inflammatory & TOXIC! Avoid them at all costs! 2. If you have the celiac gene, NEVER EVER eat gluten. (It's kinda like cheating in a relationship. Whether it's a little or a lot, it's still BAD!) Watch this Video for more info! 3. Drink healthy water. Clean, alkaline, re-mineralized water. Check out 4. Exercise at least 20 minutes 3-4 days/week. A body in motion stays in motion. (little secret: this is the hardest one for me!) 5. Make stress relief a priority! Yoga, mediation, deep breathing. The stress is every day so the stress relief should be every day, too! 6. Inflammation is the cause of all things bad. Inflammation leads to cancer, autoimmune disease, dementia, etc… Get your blood levels (ESR, HS-CRP) checked, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, take quality nutritional supplements. Stop by and try our new anti-inflammatory device: the BEMER  (Check out this interactive webinar) **Book a THERMOGRAPHY today to check out the levels of inflammation throughout your body!** 7. Sugar is BAD! It feeds cancer, shuts down the immune system, causes diabetes, feeds yeast, and it is addictive! Always be looking to remove sugar from your diet! Watch this Video 8. Avoid big fish! I am seeing more mercury poisoning this year from fish than ever before. Avoid tuna, swordfish, salmon (wild or not both have lots of mercury). I personally only eat little fish (sardine, anchovies, branzino). If the fish is larger than your plate, don't order it! Cilantro binds to mercury, so be sure to increase your cilantro intake when eating fish! 9. Do your best to avoid toxins. Implement a water filter, organic food, natural skin care, and natural cleaning products into your everyday life. If you have the MTHFR gene, this is even more crucial! 10. Detox, detox, detox what toxins you can’t avoid! No matter how hard you try to avoid toxins, it is impossible to avoid them completely. That is why it is critical to use a sauna and detox at least twice a year in the spring/summer/fall! 11. Supplement vitamin D3! It is critical to supplement vitamin D3 and to get your blood levels checked. Chances are you are not taking enough. I am seeing the lowest levels ever in my 15 years of checking levels. My New York patients are needing 3x more to get the correct therapeutic levels. Vitamin D 25OH should be between 80-100 to protect you from flu and cancer! This is Dr. Blanche's Prevention partner 2020 (Click below to purchase) Prevention Plan: Gluten free & dairy free paleo/keto diet Exercise 20 min 3-4 x / day or more:) Stress relief daily! Use your essential oils Anual detox Health Basics:

Annual Visit & Labs Treatment If Sick:Vitamin D 20,000 /day x 3 daysElderberry 1 tsp 3x/day

Thieves oil 1-2 drops on bottom of feet. 1-2 drops in water gargle 3-4 x / day

Immunokinko 750mg 2/pills 2x/ day Acute Care In-Office: Super Immune Drip - Watch the video

Hydration bolus

Rain Drop Treatment


Holistic Health Coaching "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" Dr. Blanche - Your Partner In Prevention

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