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Long Island Thermography Center Offers GI Dysfunction Scans To Private Practices

Identifying the root cause of a patient's digestive problems can be an elusive process. But abdominal thermography scans can show exactly where inflammation is most intense in the GI tract.

Thermography Solutions can bring its cutting-edge infrared imaging technology to your any private practice or clinic to issue these informative scans to your patients. ✦ GI Tract & Thermography ✦

Since the gastrointestinal tract is a highly complex part of the body, digestive problems can evolve from various or multiple areas, like the small intestine, large intestine, stomach lining, or esophagus. Thermography uses infrared imaging to scan the body and pinpoint which of these specific areas is most inflamed so that physicians and patients can target that area for treatment.

The heat highlighted by infrared imaging can also be generated by increased or abnormal blood flow into a specific area. This abnormal blood flow can suggest rapid cellular growth that may lead to a tumor or it may point to a physical injury in the GI tract that is causing impaired digestion.

Thermography Solutions can issue full-body thermography scans, which provide internal infrared imaging of a patient from head to toe. The practice also offers women's or men's health panels, which include imaging of the head, neck, chest, breast, back, and abdomen.

The practice's full body thermography scan can detect thermal patterns associated not just with GI distress, but also with joint inflammation, immune function, thyroid, and breast health. With a women's or men's health panel, Thermography Solutions can identify issues like sinus inflammation, TMJ, and adrenal fatigue, in addition to immunity and GI dysfunction.

After the initial thermography imaging, Thermography Solutions can discuss lifestyle and dietary changes with the patient that can decrease their inflammation and restore healthy GI function. Patients can then receive follow-up thermography scans from the practice to track their progress.

✦ About Thermography Solutions ✦

Founded by Kristine Blanche PhD, Thermography Solutions offers a range of wellness and detox programs that take a holistic approach to improving patients' physical, mental, and emotional health. Dr. Blanche has two decades of clinical experience in both allopathic and holistic medicine and focused her PhD research on thermography and breast health. The practice offers a 3 & 12-month prevention partnership program designed to educate and empower patients to optimize their overall health long-term.

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