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Working with Heroic 9/11 Rescue Workers: Their road to wellness through Detox

Back in 2006, I had the amazing opportunity to work with 9/11 rescue workers. Unfortunately, after tirelessly working on the site, they suffered from multiple illnesses. They were full of toxins.

It was a very dramatic and touching experience working with these heros. They had selflessly given not only their physically effort, and time away from their families, but they ended up giving up their health. I wanted to give back. They were some of the most toxic people I have ever cared for.  They would routinely say: “Doc, I know I am dying.” Then 30 days after the detox, they would bounce into my office, one after another, saying they felt like they were 18 again—and their lab work showed it too. I saw my patients health completely transform after completing the detox.

It was then that I realized anyone that is feeling sluggish, unmotivated and tired, most likely has a level of environmental toxicity that needs to be released. My team utilizes digital infrared thermography to see inflammation and imbalance in the body, and we encourage the use of various detoxification measures. These include: Infrared sauna, IV Vitamin Drips, Cold laser, and Bemer (PEMF) therapy. In addition I always recommend the Man Up Detox or Girlfriend Cleanse. My team offers to help patients detox and repair their health once the toxins are removed as well.

After detoxing, my patients say they have more energy, feel younger, have a stronger libido, and enjoy better sex lives...of course they do, their bodies are not hauling all those toxins around and their hormones are working correctly.

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