"My Detox Program is the finish line for all of my patients"

Here from Dr. Blanche herself discuss tell you why she is passionate about these detox programs:

I believe a healthy gut, strong immune system, happy soul, and clean body are the keys to health!

Dr. Blanche got into the integrative medicine field with a passion for cancer prevention, one of the main discoveries of her studies was the effect toxins can have on your risks for disease. Once she realized the significance the next question was, what can we do about it? Early on in her career in holistic medicine she was asked to participate in the 911 detox program. This is where she had a stark realization; if we can detoxify 911 rescue workers and help them regain their health, we can detox anyone. And we need to!

No matter how "organic" we attempt to live, we have to acknowledge that the toxins are every where, and unless you have managed to live in a bubble, they are unavoidable. I grow organic non- GMO vegetables and herbs in my garden, but let's be real, I am crazy enough to filter my sprinkler water, but the rain is not filtered. I live as organic, and as clean a life as I can, but then I know 1-2 x /year I have to help my body to detoxify those chemicals I could not avoid! The body has mechanisms for detox but they are over whelmed with all the chemicals in todays modern world; skin scare, hair care, mercury and BPA in fish, pesticides in foods, metals in the water, and the air. When you start to think about it can be overwhelming, but being overwhelmed is not going to do any good. You need to be proactive you need to actively detoxify your body.

This is why Dr. Blanche created her Girlfriend Cleanse back in 2009 to help women learn how to protect themselves and their families from toxicity and learn how to safely detox what they could not avoid. This program so so successful that in 2012 there was call from her patients to create The Man Up Detox So many couples where doing it together.

"Doc I did the Girlfriend Cleanse with my wife and I lost weight, felt great, and our sex life improved... I want to tell all my friends but I can't tell them I did the Girlfriend Cleanse."

So after many request Dr. Blanche buckled down and created the Man Up Detox program. Both programs are interactive, and informative.

"It is like she came home with my to do this detox, the videos are amazing, the support was incredible, and I feel amazing!" ~ said Bob from Babylon

In 21 days you will feel better, loose weight, boost libido, and unload a burden of chemicals that has the potential to create disease. Many of Dr. Blanche's patient have done the detox year after year for the last 12 years and each year they feel better and better.

This year Dr. Blanche will be detoxing with her team starting July 6th she will be streaming much of her experience and sharing in her private facebook group. She feels 2020 was a really rough year for a lot of people and she wants to all she can to help people reset and get back on track so 2021 can be their best year yet!

Join us and invest in your health - order your cleanse today!!

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