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A Mom's job is never done...

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

How you can return the favor of her love with a special gift of health...

& don't miss out on the 1st ever Mothers Day raffle!!! ( don't miss that)

So you might have guessed it, yes I am a Libra:) Balance has been an important theme my whole life. I work each day in my own life to balance life, work, health, business, and family. For me and most women, motherhood is the #1 priority, I would give up an arm for my babies. We do anything to keep them healthy and happy but, often at our own expense. I have spent a great deal of time working with women over the last 15 years to help give themselves permission to put their own needs 1st.

This is often very difficult even for myself.

Having lost a lot of loved ones' to disease it became a priority to learn to do this for myself then share those lessons with my patients. Many of my passions are related to this need.

I created the Girlfriend Cleanse to help achieve this for as many women as I could reach, I created a 21day program to go home with women and learn to give back to themselves to learn how to make simple changes to clean up their bodies and the home they share with their most precious loved ones. This program is a way to "give yourself permission" to focus on your health & well-being for once, instead of everyone else.

Learn all about this program in Dr. Blanche's video:

It’s a constant effort for each of us, but I believe an important goal. I think detox is also important for my patients to stay young and healthy. We work together as partners in this program to find the balance in their own body / mind /spirit this is how we work toward avoiding imbalances that can lead to disease ( dis-ease) and suffering. Health is threatened by too many things today so be proactive.

* toxins

* GMO’s

* pesticides in food

* poor farming practices

* stress

* bad news

* toxins in fish & shellfish

* toxins in water

Staying healthy today takes effort, but with Dr. Blanche as my partner she makes it fun! ~J.B.

This year we are doing a raffle for each purchase of a Thermography, Cleanse, or breast Health kit made before May 7th, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of 3 prizes:

  1. Breast Thermography

  2. Breast Health Kit

  3. Food sensitivity test w/ review with Dr. Blanche

Win- Win get a gift for Mom and a chance to win for yourself or 2 gifts for Mom. 😀 Drawing will be live on instagram on Mothers day @ 11:30am.

If you do not already know then learn more about Thermography in our News 12 interview & our earlier blogs

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