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Beware of Bad Advise!

After screening every patient for celiac disease over 10 years I PROMISE the incidence is much higher than reported.

  • Celiac HLA

  • Giadins

  • Transglutaminase

  • Anti-endomysial Ab

  • ANA

I can not tell you how many times we get a positive gene and/or + serum levels of one or more of the above tests, we simply remove gluten, dairy, and other inflammatory foods, use a quality gut protocol and like magic the patient gets BETTER. The Gastroenterologist insists on an endoscopy after the patient is 100% gluten free and asymptomatic. They advise the patient to start eating gluten weeks to prepare for the test. This is true you do need to be eating gluten daily for 6 weeks prior to an endoscopy to get accurate results. To add gluten back in to a healed gut is - BAD ADVICE. This is why I offer endoscopy up front, if the patient needs that data to be sure this is a dietary change that must last a lifetime. I don't need that information to help my patients heal, but sometime patients do need it to wrap there mind around the significance of the lifestyle change. Shocking when the biopsy shows a healed villi so the GI doctors advises the patient is ok to eat gluten- WRONG. Every single one of my patients that went through this has excruciating painful set backs, and all the hard work they did to heal is undermined. I always ask when deciding on any test weight the risks vs. benefits. How can this information give me additional clinical information to help me guide the patient. If the CURE is a 100% GLUTEN FREE life, and they were sick, and then got better, why would you add gluten back knowing it will cause IMMEDIATE DAMAGE. Dr. Alessio Fasano, one of the worlds leading celiac researcher, proved that gliadin creates a leaky gut in everyone – that’s right, everyone! But the degree of that leaky gut varies depending upon each persons genetics. If you’re genetically predisposed to celiac disease, you’ll suffer the worst-case scenario – a large production of zonulin and a gut that remains open and leaky for a long time.

Those with gluten sensitivity, according to Dr. Fasano, will also experience a leaky gut, just not as severe as in celiac disease. But the leaky gut is enough for gluten to leave the gut and generate an inflammatory response. What that inflammation then creates can be significant disease like; celiac disease, MS, hoshimoto’s, other autoimmune disease, diseases of the nervous system, cognitive dysfunction, Schizophrenia, Crohn’s disease, etc...

Bottom line everyone would benefit from cutting back on gluten, test don't guess. Celiacs NEED to be very careful with cross contamination. Family of patients with Celiac disease should get educated to protect there loved ones!

See my gut protocols in my dispensary in FULLSCRIPTS

Get the above tests done.

Knowledge is Power

Your PreventionPartner ~ Dr. Blanche

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