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Wellness Warrior Workshop- registration, voting update, gifts ideas & deals end today!

Dr. Blanche is excited to invite you to her Wellness Warrior Workshop . People have always commented, I wish I could bring Dr. Blanche home with me, well now you can. This program includes 10 weeks - one hour long sessions to hear the latest evidence based lifestyle medicine tactics to look and feel great. This is an opportunity to learn all that it took Dr. Blanche 25 years to learn, pick her brain on the latest and greatest information to load your tool box for health. The sessions are offered Tuesday @1pm and Wednesday @7pm. The session recording are available if you have to miss a week, We even have upgrades available for full comprehensive functional medicine labs and food sensitivity testing now available in NY too. You can even share the Gift of Dr. Blanche's wisdom this year to round out the education for the whole family by gifting this workshop to those you love.

This is an amazing opportunity, don't miss out!

Wellness Warrior Workshop

10 Hour sessions

  • Gut Health

  • Brain Boot Camp

  • Food is Medicine

  • Healthy Habits

  • Clean Body & Home

  • Put out the Fire

  • Test don't Guess

  • Your data

  • Disease Prevention

  • Taking care of your tribe

or call us at 516.676.0200

Don't forget to VOTE for Dr. Blanche Voting closes on Thursday, 12/1 at 9pm, and she needs place #1 in the Quarter-Finals Group to advance to the next round. Please vote daily:) xoxo

Here's your link to vote & share:

Last Day for Sales:

Stock up on your supplements and Dr. Blanche's Cold & Flu Protection Plan & check out all her custom protocols! for 20% off at checkout through today.

Check out Dr. Blanches Amazon store for all of Dr. Blanche's favorite healthy gifts!

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