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Our Week 1 Wellness Warriors Workshop

Hello Integrative Healing Center Family,

A new way to keep you and your loved ones healthy is here!We are excited to release our new program–free virtual Wellness Warrior Workshops!

Recap of Week 1 Wellness Warriors Workshop:

  1. Overview of Dr. Blanche's experience and observations from caring for COVID-19 patients in the field

  2. Action Plan for Prevention & Treatment

  3. IV Vitamin Drips

  4. Health boosting tools to add to your everyday routine:

  • Supplementing Vitamin D, Vitamin  C & Zinc

  • Eat clean, low sugar foods rich in nutrients

  • Avoid highly inflammatory foods, like dairy & gluten

  • Relaxation techniques - meditation, virtual reiki, stress relief

  • Keep moving everyday

  • Daily green smoothies

  • Heat it up - hot baths, showers, sauna

*Download the PowerPoint from Dr. Blanche's Blog*

See Dr. Blanche's Immune Boosting Plan

Order @ Dr. Blanche's Dispensary Here

Dr. Blanche is hosting FOUR free workshops:

Every Monday from 12-1pm - April 27th- May 18th

Dr. Blanche has been receiving lots of questions from patients on how to stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. She has decided to host four hours of virtual learning packed with an abundance of wellness tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones at their absolute healthiest! You will find everything you need to know about signing up for these virtual workshops below:

Registering for Virtual Workshops

What You Will Receive:

  • FOUR Mondays from 12-1pm for FREE (begins April 27th)

  • Expertise and invaluable tips from Dr Kristine Blanche on how to keep yourself and loved ones healthy!

  • Q&A time with the doctor

What You Need to Join:

  • We will e-mail you a link to the class after you register with the link above

  • You will need a Zoom sign up and internet

  • Pen and Paper! Write these healthy gems down so you can reference them later!


Your Integrative Healing Center Team

Order @ Dr. Blanche's Dispensary:

See attached powerpoint:)

Wellness Warrior Week 1 - 1 Covid-19 PDF
Download • 38.94MB

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