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Proactive steps you can take to protect you and your family against any and all viruses!!

What to do for you and your family, I consider myself your prevention partner- so let's focus on prevention. Do not panic - prepare. If we have done our job together, then you should already be protected from most viruses. Reminders of the things you already do- we ramped up your VITAMIN D 25 OH level. (If you have not seen me in a while PLEASE drop in to get your levels checked. Vitamin D blood levels need to be between 80-100 ng/dl & zinc levels should be above 80) Use your- thieves oil, hand sanitizer, body soap, household cleaner. Thieves kills bacteria and viruses. Avoid inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, sugar. Eat nutrient dense foods: green smoothies, protein shakes(not whey), leafy greens, and clean protein. Control your stress with tools like yoga, meditation, massage, deep breathing. Now some extra things we should do: 1. zinc 25mg to your supplements 2. Start taking some mushroom for building immunity (see my recommended brands below) 3. Add some elderberry to fight viruses. 4. Get a preventative IV vitamin C Drip & Glutathione! Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so it is important to continuously check your levels.  I check my patient’s levels at least two times per year. I know for a fact that this downward trend in Vitamin D levels is having a direct effect on the longer flu season and the more severe flu seasons.  So I strongly encourage my patients and their entire family to get your Vitamin D level checked and adjust the Vitamin D dosage accordingly! Now what to do if you get sick? My son came home from college with the flu the day before Thanksgiving. Fever 102, body aches, headache, runny nose - the works. Within 12 hours, I treated him with: · A Super Immune Vitamin C drip · 1 liter of IV hydration · 25,000 vitamin D3 supplementation · Elderberry ·  Ossicillum · Zinc · Rain drop treatment with essential oils · Thieves oil on feet and gargle After one nights rest, he woke up ready for turkey on Thanksgiving morning feeling 95% better. I doubled my family’s vitamin D dose for three days, and we were completely fine. Dr. Blanche's famous quote: "If your Vitamin D level is at a therapeutic level, a person with the flu could cough in your face and you should not get the flu!" Please get your Vitamin D levels checked. This is crucial piece of data  to determine your needed therapeutic Vitamin D dosage. "Intravenous vitamin C is a safe, effective, and broad-spectrum antiviral." ~ Dr. Blanche In addition to Vitamin C, Glutathione, also known as the body’s "master antioxidant," is so closely tied to health and survival that scientists can predict longevity – or lack of it – merely by measuring levels in the body. Now, with a growing concern over the emerging coronavirus pandemic, a peer-reviewed scientific study highlighting the role of glutathione in overcoming viral diseases is an important discovery, to say the least! Glutathione offers potent immune system support Glutathione performs a host of life-sustaining functions in the body.  By scavenging harmful free radicals, this versatile enzyme helps to reduce disease-causing and tissue-damaging oxidative stress. Research has shown that glutathione increases the production and activity of T-cells – which trigger the immune system to attack invaders – and of phagocytes and lymphocytes, which devour any foreign body or pathogen they may encounter. When you boost your immune system your body is better prepared to fight disease. **Call us 516-676-0200 before coming to the office if you have symptoms!**Please share this information with your friends and family. We will be prepared to test for corona virus thanks to the BioReference Laboratories most likely by the end of the week.  We are ramping up to provide home visit for IV vitamin drips (5 ppl min required & travel fee applies). Come get a prevention drip ASAP! Articles: Read the world health official statement recommended-treatment covid-19 with IV vitamin C!!

This is Dr. Blanche's Immune Boosting kit! Prevention:

Acute care In office or in your home (home visit additional travel fee and minimum 5 ppl):

Super Immune Drip  This week- Wednesday & Friday Northport, Thursday & Saturday in Mineola

Video on drips with Dr. Blanche

Hydration bolus

Rain Drop treatment

Hand washing and home sanitizing:

"A once of prevention is with a pound of cure!" Dr. Blanche - Your Partner In Prevention

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