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Detoxification is a crucial step in a journey toward health and wellbeing. It's one you can't miss!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Toxins are every where... most women are exposed to over 100 toxic chemicals each day. They are in sunscreen, moisturizers, tooth paste, tap water, plastic water bottles, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, make up, nail polish, air fresheners, laundry detergent, dish soap, non-organic food, fish, food, pots/pans and even house hold cleaners.... they are every where. I have found many people really do not even realize the impact this has on our biology and physiology. We would like to think that there was a government agency that would protect us from carcinogens in every day house hold products, but there is not. Many of the chemicals have been banded in Europe and other nations, but not in the US. I created the Girlfriend Cleanse Program over 10 years ago when I realized that most people do not understand the impact this will have on your health. Most people do not realize that not only should we know to avoid them, but that given the right environment we can actually detox most toxins naturally. This is why I created my Girlfriend Cleanse a 21 day long educational course to help women learn about toxins effecting our families, guide them through a custom detox created personally by me to help eliminate the burden of chemicals safely. As humans we are adapting to this toxic environment we are forced to live in. We all remember survival of the fittest, the evolutionary principle that the body will find a way to adapt in order to survive. Our bodies store chemicals in bone marrow, fat cells, organs, and even your brain. We wonder why there are increasing cancer rates, obesity, autoimmune disease, and fatty liver disease. This is one a reason.

Listen I pray for a day in the future where this changes, I pray for my future grandchildren, but I am not holding my breathe nor counting on government regulations to protect my loved ones. I am taking action. I am screaming from the mountain tops every one MUST learn how to detox and optimize their own biology to stay healthy. Simple things anyone can do today:

  • Eliminate toxic products from your home and skin care regimen.

  • Sauna every chance you can- sweating is only 1 of 3 ways toxins can be eliminated for our system and we never sweat. (see my video below and my earlier blog on working w/ 911 rescue workers that taught me all about this AMAZING way to detox.)

  • #2 of 3 - is in the urine so drink healthy clean alkaline water - my personal favorite water system - that my entire family has -

  • #3 of 3 - is in the stool... eliminating daily if not 2-3x / day is ideal- add a green smoothie for extra fiber to help. Constipation causes the toxins to be reabsorbed.

  • Eat organic and only grass fed/ grass finished, pasture raised when ever possible.

  • Avoid big fish- big fish = high mercury period ( wild or not) I won't eat a fish that is bigger then my plate when the fisherman catches it.

  • Follow and support the for the latest up to date info on toxins and what you can do to help fight for our right to protect our children.

I could go on and on, there really is so much you can do and it is all in my videos, the detox manual, and is the basis for this detox program. I even got push to create the Man Up Detox program so that men did not have to do the Girlfriend Cleanse with their wives every year ( b/c they were). lol

Grab a friend, a spouse , a loved one and join our detox program today. Help me share this life saving information with all the people you care about.

* New and exciting upgrade- Ask about our detox partner special with cleansing concepts we have created a special bonus add on package for our cleansers- 3 saunas and 3 colonics- huge savings!!

Lean more:

Take action!

~Dr. Kristine Blanche

Your prevention partner

Enjoy a sneak peak at one of the detox module videos:

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